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Dinghy Sailing Lessons

Dinghy Sailing Lessons can be booked by arrangement.  Lessons can take place either in a Dinghy with an instructor or in singlehanded dinghy.  Lessons are 2 hours in length and cost £50 per person.  Please email using the link below to find out more.

Session Information

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Sailing is a wonderful green activity. Let the wind do the work while you control the boat, wind and water in harmony. Sailing need not be the high performance unless that's your desire. It can be relaxing while still being challenging. It is easy to become absorbed into the atmosphere of the surroundings while your concentration can eliminate other considerations while you focus on the here and now.


Learn to Dinghy Sail with Royal Yachting Association Senior Instructors.  We have a selection of sailing dinghies and will tailor your booking to suit your needs.  All equipment will be provided and safety is our paramount concern.


Our instructors will aim to give you the basics to get you started on your sailing journey.

We offer Sailing Courses and personal tuition email for more information

Please note Lymington Sea School are not recognised for Dinghy Sailing - but lessons will be given by RYA Senior Dinghy Instructors

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